Our Commitment To Privacy

This Privacy Policy is put together in order to assist you in understanding how ‘Nutrazure Healthcare.’ collects and uses your information with regards to our advertising, e-commerce, content, promotional and service programs and other business activities and to help you in making the right decisions which are well informed on our part when using our site, products and services and the sites of our advertisers.

What Information We Collect

When a visitor comes to the Nutrazure Healthcare website we may collect two types of information:

(a) Information you choose to disclose – By choosing to purchase our products, you need to become a Member by providing us with the following information, which includes: your email address, name, address, and phone number. While registering on our site, participating in various offers, or sending us emails, we may collect additional information that you may provide and this can include your personal information.

(b) Information that is collected automatically by our servers in order to keep track of our customer’s location – This information is collected by our servers or from third parties automatically. Our servers identify your computer through the internet protocol (“IP”) address, and a unique collection of numbers assigned to your computer through the internet service provider. If you choose to purchase our product, you must allow cookies to be active on your system. Cookies allow web servers to recognize which computer is used to access a website. Cookies keep track of interactions on our site and streamline your transactions on related web pages. You can disable the cookie function however, doing so will prevent our system from recognizing you when you visit our site, and we may not be able to customize your experience.

The term “Information” is used in the policy to refer to two types of information – one described above, and any Information you provide directly to us including your phone number, text message, or through any other means of communication with us.

Information Collected

The Information we collect is used to administer our business activities, distribute information about changes to our site, and provide customer services such as technical support. Your information is NOT sold or given to any third parties and we ensure all the information you provide is kept confidential unless required by Law.

In addition to the information collected by us and the information you provide, it may be compared with first-party and third-party cookies. A cookie is data that is stored on your hard drive that contains activity-based information about you. This helps us send emails to you that are relevant to your interests and needs. The cookie is not associated with any personally identifiable information.

OPT-IN NOTICE: By Participating, You Express “Opt In” To Receive Information And Grant Us Permission To Send You Timely Emails Related To Your Interest.

By signing up with us, you automatically opt in to receive future emails regarding products and services from us. We will not share your personal information with third parties.

Nutrazure Healthcare. may use your information (1) to contact you via email, phone, text message, postage or any other means of communication for any purpose, (2) to coordinate with you while sending out your product, and (3) if we are required to do so by law.

Your Information might be transferred to third parties in the event of a sale or parties who opt in for services from us (credit card processors, merchant banks, our internet service provider, etc.) also may have access to your information in performing their services.

Security Of Information.

Nutrazure Healthcare. uses all the measures required to prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, accidental loss or destruction of information. However, most Internet transmissions pass through a number of servers which is not controlled by Nutrazure Healthcare., and therefore we cannot guarantee that any information you provide us or we collect will not be altered or intercepted during that process.

How To Change, Delete Or Access Information

If you wish to change, delete or access any of the information you provided to this site, please contact us through the Contact Us section of our site or give us a call.

All the specific laws relating to the collection and use of Information listed above is in compliance with Indian Laws. Individuals outside of the country may have specific rights not set forth in this policy.

Please ensure you read the privacy policy regularly. These policies are subject to change without prior notice. All revisions of the policy will be sent out via email and will be listed on our website. Your continued stay on our website confirms means you are in agreement with all the policies mentioned above.